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Only 8% of organizations
actually evaluate the value of learning and development initiatives.
— McKinsey Quarterly
40% of employees
from one Fortune 500 technology company want to spend more time training, coaching and mentoring.
— Harvard Business Review
Becoming obsolete is the biggest concern for today’s workers,
2x as concerning
as being laid off.
— Oxford Economics
80% of 2016 grads
expect their first employer to provide formal training.
— Accenture
1/3 of new hires
quit their jobs after about six (6) months.
— Maren Hogan
Only 3 out of 10 companies
(29%) quantify the impact of learning and development.
Every year, disengaged employees cost the U.S. Economy
$370 billion.
— Gallup
Employees who get the opportunity to continually develop are
2x as likely to say
they will spend their career with their company.
— Gallup
91% of managers,
81% of HR administrators and
75% of employers
surveyed said they believed that their organizations did not do onboarding well.
Just 37% of engaged employees would consider leaving for a 20% raise or less
54% of of actively disengaged employees.
— Gallup
60% of companies
don’t set any milestones or concrete goals for new hires to attain.
— Fast Company
72% of employees
value on-the-job training more than a college degree.
— Glassdoor
Companies with comprehensive training programs
have 218% higher revenue
per employee and 24% higher profit margins.
Introducing a formal mentorship training program can increase retention rates by
— Sun Microsystems
35% of Millennials
say good training and development programs are the most desirable quality in a workplace.
35% of workers
agree that increasing on-the-job training and development opportunities entices them to stay with a company.
— CareerBuilder
62% of executives
say Millennials will consider leaving their jobs due to lack of learning and development.
— Oxford Economics
The cost to replace an employee
making $100,000,
can be $50.000
when considering factors such as job learning curve, job search HR costs, and advertising.
— Kimmel & Associates
67% of employees
learn about their jobs from co-workers and not from their bosses.
— Leadership IQ
More than
80% of Millennials
say they’re willing to put in a great deal of effort beyond that normally expected in order to help their organization be successful.
— Boston College
4 out of 5 companies
do not get any significant impact from training employees.
— Implement Consulting Group
40% of new hires
leave an organization within a year if they do not receive training.
— Vairkko
50% of employees
say bosses sharing information and data has a significantly positive impact on productivity and motivation.
— HubSpot
About 1/3 of
new hires who quit say they had barely any onboarding or none at all.
— Roy Maurer
Leading-edge companies trained
86% of employees
while average companies trained
only 74%.
Companies with engaged employees
outperform those without by 202%.
— Dale Carnegie Training
Only 38% of managers
believe that their learning programs meet their learners’ needs.
53% of Millennials
say learning new things or having access to professional development opportunities would make them stay at their job.
— EdAssist
Nearly 50% of
job seekers are interested in learning new skills, even if those skills lead them in a different professional direction.
— CareerBuilder
59% of companies
are leveraging social learning activities.
— Brandon Hall Group
64% of employees
want to be assessed at regular intervals to ensure maximum retention of knowledge.
— 24x7 Learning
66% of staff members
believe recognition of their online learning achievements is important.
— Towards Maturity
80% of employees say
it’s very important that their company provide training options to fit their learning styles.
— Jones/NCTI
91% of highly engaged
employees always or almost always try their hardest at work, compared with 67% of disengaged employees.
— Temkin Group
1 out of 3 employees
say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.
— Towards Maturity
Customer retention rates
are 18% higher
on average when employees are highly engaged.
65% of Millennials
say that the existence of personal development opportunities was the most influential factor in choosing their current job.
35% of employers
said on-the-job training enhanced employee morale in their organizations.
— TJinsite
58% of Millennials
expect employers to provide them with learning opportunities relevant to their jobs.
— EdAssist
47% of employees
want the flexibility to complete training at their own pace.
— Intercall
Employees from companies with poor training opportunities are
more than 3 times
as likely to want to leave their job compared to those whose organizations have excellent training programs.
— Harris Interactive
59% of employees
say they can grow and develop at their organization.
— Modern Survey
70% of employees
worldwide do not have regular time for creative or strategic thinking at work.
— The Energy Project
72% of Millennials
feel their schooling did not effectively prepare them for the workforce.
— EdAssist
44 facts about
learning in companies