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10 Interesting Workplace Learning Facts (Infographic)


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10 Interesting Workplace Learning Facts (Infographic)

Written on Jan 19, 2017 6:59:58 PM, by Ilie Ghiciuc

Over the past few years, workplace learning has grown in popularity as organizations have become aware of the need to train and retain top talent.

The increased interest in organizational learning and knowledge was stimulated by the rise of the Millennial generation and the fast evolution of technology. 

However, most companies still struggle with designing the right employee development initiatives, creating a learning culture or measuring the impact of their activities. In fact:

  • 4 out of 5 companies do not get any significant result from training employees.
  • Only 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learners' needs.
  • Only 8% of organizations actually evaluate the value of learning and development initiatives.
  • 91% of managers, 81% of HR administrators and 75% of employers
    believe that their organizations do not do onboarding well.

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Employees, on the other hand, expect to be provided with relevant onboarding programs, growth opportunities and challenging development programs.

  • 80% of 2016 grads expect their first employer to provide formal training.
  • 72% of employees value on-the-job training more than a college degree.
  • 35% of workers agree that increasing on-the-job training and development opportunities entices them to stay with a company.
  • About 1/3 of new hires who quit say they had barely any onboarding or none at all.

To find out what companies are doing right or which learning pitfalls to steer clear of, take a look at this infographic of 10 interesting workplace facts:


10 Interesting Workplace Learning Facts (Infographic).png

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