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11 Technology Trends in LMS


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11 Technology Trends in LMS

Written on Jan 12, 2017 4:01:59 PM, by Ilie Ghiciuc

As learning will continue to be a crucial aspect of organizations into the foreseeable future, systems that manage that learning or LMS, will be even more important.

There are many ways technology is changing learning management systems. Eleven of those ways, ones that are already making an impact or will soon be making even bigger impacts, are below.

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1. Social

Social media has pretty much taken over all communication. People like, share, post, comment, and various other ways to communicate news, information, personal opinions, and personal communication.

Learning management systems have to adapt to the culture of social media and include social aspects in their functionalities.

2. Mobile

Many employees view content on mobile devices as much as, if not more than, on laptops or desktop computers.

They have come to expect that all content look optimized for mobile devices. It should look just as good, if not better, than on a desktop computer. It should also provide features and updates specific for mobile devices in order provide an excellent UX.

3. Cloud

Having a cloud-based platform allows companies to update the learning management system and make it available to all employees at any moment.

This helps save time and money, and makes it easier for employees to stay on their learning paths.

4. Microlearning

In collaboration with or as a result of other technologies like mobile and social, learning has now gotten smaller. In fact, it has become micro sized.

Many learning platforms are now offering microlearning. This style of learning offers very small amounts of information, usually exercises that can be completed in 3 – 5 minutes. Supporters state that this type of learning helps learners retain information.

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5. Gamification

Many systems are now using gamification to create videogame or app -like elements in an LMS. Some examples include points, rewards, badges, levels, competition, and leaderboards.

All of the elements have been shown to promote engagement and learning.

6. Big data

Big data is an important technological advancement for learning management systems. Having access to such a large amount of data allows employers to find out about many aspects of the system, including:

  • How learners are processing the information
  • What aspects of the courses need adjustments
  • Which trainings are visited the most
  • What information is shared most often

Not only is this data available, but it is available almost immediately. As soon as an employee interacts with the platform, data is gathered and sent for analysis.

Another advantage of big data is that employers can use it to predict how learners will adapt to new information or new changes. They can use these predictions to help employees make the most of the training courses.

7. Personalized

With so much technology, things begin to become more and more isolated, removed, and out of touch with the personal experience of consumers. Products and information are no longer made for a local audience, but for a global one. This has taken the personal touch out of the experience.

Many new technologies are now personalizing the user experience in order to give learners more individualized learning material and feedback. This is sometimes called adaptive learning and it is due to the amount of data that these learning systems are able to collect.

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8. User experience (UX)

The first interaction many employees have with a new company is with their management systems, including the learning management system.

With good UX design, the new employee will enjoy the experience and develop positive opinions about the system and the company. Many UX improvements come with investing money in new technologies and various upgrades.

The Brandon Hall Group found that many organizations report a 10% improvement in KPIs and 40% of companies saw an increase in revenue after updating their training programs.

9. Integration

A learning management system is no longer useful in isolation. Many companies are using newer technologies to integrate their LMS with their other systems.

This creates a more efficient, one-stop place to learn and find other resources.

10. Instant updates

As jobs become more demanding due to the amount of information that employees need to know to perform their jobs at the highest level, learning management systems are trying to adapt.

Many systems are working on ways to update information and material almost instantly so that employees have the most up-to-date information whenever they need it.

11. AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are newer fields that could cause big changes in a company’s LMS. VR/AR are especially important to compliance training as these technologies can help engage and immerse employees in worlds that provide compliance exercise not available in other ways.

These technologies are also beneficial in that they provide visual, kinesthetic, and auditory experiences which can elevate training. They also provide real-time feedback as employees interact with realistic virtual objects.

When looking for a new LMS or an upgrade to you current LMS, keep an eye out for all these technology trends to see which ones will help your teams learn better and faster.

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