Improve performance planning through goal setting, real-time reporting and personalized learning plans.


Assess the needs of both employees and the company, in order to set measurable learning goals. Teamfluent helps you track and measure these goals and connect them with employee productivity, engagement, or customer relations. 

Teamfluent Features - Performance Planning
Teamfluent Features - Performance Planning


Base your learning plan on the goals you've set and start developing training modules for employees at different stages: onboarding, leadership development or inter-departmental management.

Connect modules in a cohesive learning experience that will help meet the goals you’ve set.

Organize information

Teamfluent's cloud solution can help you design complex learning programs as well as basic training modules, depending of the needs of each team and each employee. Organize information efficiently and use different delivery methods, that can be tracked and evaluated.

Enable adaptive learning

Use interactive learning that combines human resources and technology to meet the unique needs of each learner. Employees receive a personalized learning plan based on their skills, aspirations and career goals, that can be tracked and measured by Teamfluent.

Get real-time feedback

Make sure your learning programs are delivering results and get real-time feedback to find out which training and development modules need to be improved and how. Listen to employees and offer them continuous learning opportunities to improve human capital ROI.

Quick stats

Companies with “best in class” talent management programs are 26% more likely to be using performance management software.(source)

89 percent of companies recently changed their performance management process or plan to change it within 18 months.   (

Companies with newly upgraded HR systems see cost savings of 22% per employee.

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