Meet HR compliance requirements and create effective learning and development programs with real-time analytics.


Create a more efficient onboarding process through automation to improve engagement and productivity in new employees.

Using Teamfluent, HR managers can customize each orientation packet and all onboarding information for each individual employee. Specific information is available under different modules and for different skills. 


Why Teamfluent? - Employee Onboarding
Why Teamfluent? - Performance Planning


Assess the needs of both employees and the company, in order to set measurable learning goals. Teamfluent helps you track and measure these goals and connect them with employee productivity, engagement, or customer relations. 

Make sure your learning programs are delivering results and get real-time feedback to find out which training and development modules need to be improved and how. 






All mandatory trainings and resources can be made available to any employee at any time, in the cloud. You can include them in onboarding learning modules or make them available company-wide, tracking the percentage of completion for every department.

Be prepared in case of an audit. Teamfluent will track your progress and integrate business processes with regulatory notifications.


Why Teamfluent? - HR Compliance
Why Teamfluent Learning Management System?
For Employees

• Browse courses and personalize your learning plan

• Start a course and learn following a structured approach

• Test their skills at the end of each chapter

• Keep track of your learning performance: time spent learning, completed courses, progress toward learning goals, etc

Take notes and share your knowledge with colleagues

Have instant access to company information

Why Teamfluent Learning Management System?
For Managers

Easily create structured learning plans for different development stages

Test learning progress and newly acquired skills

Keep track of organizational learning through real-time reports

Identify learning needs

• Have all company information in one place

Manage compliance training

Ready to build a learning culture?

Let Teamfluent do the heavy lifting. Learn what actually works.
Keep employees motivated. Keep employees happy.