Teamfluent will be phased out by April 30, 2019 and is no longer supported. To our customers, THANK YOU!


Grow Fast and Smart. Build a Culture of Learning and Increase Productivity.

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People no longer take the time to learn unless it feels relevant, and it’s embedded in work

Why Use Teamfluent?



Most companies take too little time creating a soft landing when they bring new employees on board.
Strong onboarding training can reduce employee turnover from 44% to 14%.


In most teams, knowledge is shared and questions are answered at the water cooler. Intranets and wikis document the distant past. Some teams make it work. Teams that grow fast struggle.

HR Compliance

For some companies compliance training is easy. People are diligent and records can be easily audited. Documenting procedures is a breeze. For most it doesn’t exactly work this way.


In almost every company, senior employees train new hires, teaching the same material and answering the same questions over and over again. Some love it. Most don’t.

Our Agile Learning process at Thinslices has been instrumental in increasing the quality of our offer to customers, employee engagement and, of course, revenue.

We expect that working with Teamfluent will help reinforce these benefits and give us a platform to further develop our high-performance teams.


Agile learning tool

Learning Board

Organize all your learning in a single place and always have a clear overview of your activity.

Adapt to changing knowledge needs and prioritize what you learn.

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Agile learning tool

Skill Tree

Know what you learn. See clearly how pieces of information connect and the end result that you’re getting.

Assess your knowledge and close any gaps that might hinder your progress.

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Agile learning tool


Teamfluent helps companies improve performance
by building a culture of learning.

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Agile learning tool

Activity Feed

Move learning out of the inbox. Share new articles, your progress, courses or any other material with your peers.

Discuss hot topics and help others learn by answering their questions.

from our customers

Professional development is a core value and one of the greatest benefits we can provide our team members at Mojo Media Labs.

Teamfluent is at the heart of each role at Mojo, by keeping individuals on their career development path. This will ultimately deliver the most value to our clients.

We need everyone on the team to be a digital MBA, Mojo Bad Ass!


Mike Rose

We're curious people, here at Maxcode. Some of us are architects, others are rockstars, and others just like to tinker with stuff. What unites us though, is a strong desire to learn. 

In any case, we believe that one must never stop learning, and this is something we have in common with the good people at Teamfluent. So, naturally, we decided to adopt their product and embark on this learning adventure with them.

Vlad Iliescu

At Essensys, solid knowledge is the result of a sustained and continuous learning process.

The decision to join Teamfluent in their endeavor is based on just that: our determination to encourage continuous, structured learning and training.

We're convinced the only way to grow is through learning and we're acting accordingly.



Mihai Matei

Ready to build a learning culture?

Let Teamfluent do the heavy lifting. Learn what actually works.
Keep employees motivated. Keep employees happy.